Letter from President MI-NADONA

January 1, 2016 Message from the President Happy New Years!!!!!!!  The start of a new year always has us energized to get things in order & tackle the projects we have set our sights on!  We have changed the dates of our on-line Restorative Program and they are posted on our MiNADONA web page.  It has been our goal to develop programs to meet your needs, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know! The Board has had the first meeting of the New Year and are lining up our education for Convention which begins November 16th in Traverse City! (save the date!!) We want you to be ready as some of us deal with hunters! The other item I would like to encourage you to review is the new CPG on side rails. Changes were made so please review them to assist your building  in navigating through any  changes that are needed.  Another goal this year is to better utilize the MiNADONA web site.  We will be updating it to assure the contact information is correct & that information on area meetings are changed quarterly.  With the dawn of the electronic age,  we will no longer be mailing out a newsletter. Keep warm! Take heart….spring is right around the corner! Bonnie Beulla RN DON President of MiNADONA

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