May 2017 – A letter from the President:

May 2017 – A letter from the President:

The Board has been working on the program for this year’s convention in October!  We are reviewing the comments from last year’s annual convention and developing the format for this fall’s program with your input in mind.   There is also a web program being developed for mid-summer.

There have benn a lot of changes on the National NADONA level.  The National Board has had two resignations and our own Shari Carson is now Vice-President of NADONA!  Congratulations, Shari!  We have heard from National that the By-laws have been revised and they should be going out soon for review and vote by the membership.

Nursing Home Week is fast-approaching and I wish you luck with all your activities!

Take care and have a happy and safe summer!

Bonnie Beulla RN

President, MI-NADONA

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