Date Change: Virtual Elder Abuse Seminar

**This seminar is now virtual only**

**Date changed to December 9/10**

Join this 2-part seminar on December 9, 2020 and December 10, 2020 (12:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. both days), presented by HCAM.



Injuries, especially unwitnessed and unexplained injuries, are common among older and vulnerable
adults. While most of the injuries are accidental in nature, some could be from abuse and neglect.
The content on abuse and neglect in most formal educational programs of professionals who
work with vulnerable adults is cursory at best. Direct care staff are provided basic knowledge on
identifying some signs and symptoms of abuse, usually during new hire orientation, and to whom to
However, few in the long-term care industry have been taught techniques to differentiate accidental
from intentional injury and to systematically, and without bias, explore all reasonable theories of
injury causation. Using a multi-disciplinary, case-study focused approach, this program will provide
participants the knowledge and skills to better assess, investigate, and document injury as well as
provide tips to prevent further injury of vulnerable persons.

Using a top-down and bottom-up approach, participants will learn techniques to improve their
assessment, investigation, documentation (written and photographic) of vulnerable residents with
possible abuse and neglect related injuries. An overview of contributors to falls will be presented as
well as techniques to differentiate and document witnessed falls from being found down. Forensic
terminology will be presented in a format immediately useful to professionals from multiple
disciplines. A series of instructive injury slides will be shown to demonstrate patterned injuries and
injuries in various stages of healing.
Participants will learn what would trigger the need for internal and external investigations of possible
abuse, neglect or significant unexplained injury. They will also learn the elements needed to conduct
a thorough, competent, fact-based and unbiased internal investigation of known or suspected abuse.
Investigation, Assessment & Documentation of Possible Abuse, Neglect & Falls of Vulnerable Persons.

See the event page for more information, brochure, and pricing.


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